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Stupid Pet Tricks

Best of the Best!


by Ted Mark

When El Segundo Animal Hospital opened it’s doors over two-and-a-half years ago, word spread quickly among local pet owners.  Having a centrally located, community-based veterinary center was just what the city needed, and business at the brand new facility quickly grew.

Recently voted to the Herald’s “Best of the Best 2014″ list for the second year, the ESAH now boasts over three thousand clients, services nearly a hundred patients a week, and has become, perhaps the most popular animal hospital in the South Bay.

What makes the ESAH experience so special goes beyond the expert staff, the high quality of their care, and the affordability of their services.  Simply put, the ESAH is run by great people.

Hospital owner Andrew M. Streiber, DVM is a Southern California native and graduate of the highly acclaimed Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  In 2011 he moved on from an Associate position at another South Bay hospital to break ground on construction of the ESAH, which officially opened June 5, 2012.

Last year, with business rapidly expanding, Dr. Streiber attracted the considerable talents of Dr. Victor Ramirez, DVM, hiring him to the team as Associate Veterinarian.  With the addition of Dr. Ramirez, the ESAH was able to handle the demands of it’s ever-growing client base without compromising the comprehensive, hands-on care that has made the hospital such a welcome establishment for our community’s pets.

“At the ESAH, we recognize pets as a very important part of the family, and commit ourselves to their absolute comfort and health,” says Dr. Streiber.  “We thank the people of El Segundo, and the entire South Bay for their patronage and look forward to serving the community for years to come.”


Cats in Literature:

Published in 1960, “The Cricket in Times Square” by George Selden is a classic children’s book about a cricket, Chester who befriends a mouse named Tucker and a cat named Harry…


I know my sisters and I loved this book as a child, but I didn’t remember much about it. Upon rereading, I am baffled to think of how I might have possibly imagined a New York City subway station, having never been there, let alone Times Square! Luckily, with kids’ active imaginations, those things are not usually limitations.

Chester Cricket got into a picnic basket in his home in Connecticut, and ended up accidentally hitching a ride into New York City. He manages to escape in the Times Square subway station, specifically at the shuttle that goes to Grand Central. He is adopted as a pet by Mario, the son of the owners of the newsstand at that stop, and befriended by Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat.

the review continues here…


Pet Spotlight: January


Three month-old Zoe is a 2 pound Shih Tzu from El Segundo.

Distemper Virus Found in Local Raccoons

Reporter Kimberly Cheng of KTLA 5 News, Los Angeles visited El Segundo Animal Hospital to speak with Dr. Streiber about a potential threat to community pets…


Owners of unvaccinated pets were being warned Wednesday by El Segundo police about the presence of raccoons in the city that were found to have distemper.

Seven live and two dead raccoons were found to have symptoms the virus, police said Thursday. Two of the live raccoons tested positive for distemper, El Segundo Police Department Lt. Dan Kim said.

The virus causes animals to act strangely. Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Streiber told KTLA the virus can be airborne and spread to dogs from 30 feet.

Unvaccinated cats and dogs could catch the virus if they come into contact with infected raccoons, police said. There is no danger to humans, authorities said.

watch the televised report here…

(KTLA  1.14.15)

Mark your calendars!

Next month El Segundo Animal Hospital celebrates National Pet Dental Health Month with a special on teeth cleaning…

For the entire month of February, ESAH is offering 20% off  Dental Prophylaxis (scaling & polishing only, no extractions) and 20% off blood work (as a precursor to a procedure).  Prophylaxis is preformed under general anesthesia.

Call us at 310-606-8811 for additional details and to schedule an appointment.

Your pet’s oral health is an integral part of their overall health and well being!

Dogs in Film:

“The Legend of Lobo”  (1962)LOBO

A Walt Disney production, filmed in Sedona, Arizona, based on a true story about an adventurous wolf, who in the movie is named Lobo.  There’s no dialogue, only a song on the soundtrack and some narration to guide the story.  Lobo fights cougars, badgers, an armadillo and a rattlesnake, but when he starts a feud with some evil cattlemen, he’s gone too far.  The cattlemen hire a Texan hunter who comes after Lobo with a pack of killer dogs.  Directed by James Algar and Jack Couffe.

read the NY Times review here…


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